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The Michelin Cup Challenge is a year-long series organised by the Renault Sport Club of South Africa, the Audi Club of South Africa and the Subaru Club South Africa running under title sponsorship of Michelin SA (who came on board in 2014).

The event was started in 2012 by true enthusiasts to create an affordable racing experience for the average Joe, affording people a chance to show off their extraordinary talents and to hone their skills.

The Cup is divided into different classes giving individuals an equal playing ground. The Michelin Cup Challenge will consist of one event a month for 7 months and each event is scored based on fastest times with a final prize giving at the end of the year – of course the dyno events are based on power and torque and specific classing to make it fair.

2019 Event Calendar

  • 26 January – R1 Dyno H&M Tuning – Complete
  • 23 February – R2 Tar Rally Zwartkops – Complete
  • 30 March – R3 400m (1/4 Mile) – Complete
  • 4 May – R4 VKC – Complete
  • 25 May – R5 Midvaal Raceway – Complete
  • 23 June – R6 Skidpan
  • 7 July – R7 Zwartkops
  • September – R8 Head 2 Head
  • October – Year End Prize Giving

2019 Event Videos

Round 2: Tar Rally

Round 1: Dyno Day

Michelin Cup 2018: Recap

For more information please visit: Michelin Cup ZA or Michelin RSA