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The Audi Club of South Africa is an independent, non-profit organisation, run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts…

The idea of a Club was conceived by a group of Audi enthusiasts who were posting on the Audi-Sport.Net Bulletin Board at that time and with this common interest in the Audi brand of car, the Audi Club of SA came to life.

Club Events

Due to the current Lockdown we have not been able to plan any events.

A soon as regulations allows we will get our events going again.


Membership Fees: As of January 2021 we have decided to do away with our membership fee structure. We will no longer charge a membership fee and anyone is welcome to be a part of the Audi Club South Africa.

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TimeAttack ZA Challenge

Time attack events are the flavour of the month in just about every country that cars are sold in, and it’s no different here in SA. Events like this are on the rise thanks to how affordable it can be (unless you’re competing against the top dogs of course) and the fact that it’s not wheel to wheel racing makes it a little safer and gives competitors a little more confdence. There’s a few events dedicated to this kind of racing, and the new kid on the block is TimeAttack ZA. That said, the faces and many of the cars behind the series are familiar, creating TimeAttack ZA to follow on to the successful Michelin Cup series that ran for a few years. This series sees another well-known name in SA tuning circles backing the series – Turbo Direct. Main man Chris Kambouris also gave up his workshop and dyno for this first round so that the various competitors could show their cards and be put in the proper classes to even out the competition. It was a great first event, there’s a bunch of new cars and drivers entered, and that means there’s gonna be some decent action and rivalry happening out there. A few seriously strong cars were strapped to the rollers including a minter of supercharged RS4 and an Audi RS3 sedan that had well over 600hp on tap and almost 800Nm. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for future rounds of the series. There will be a few day competitor spots open, but besides entering to race, this is one of those series that’s also worthwhile watching. We’ll see you soon!

Read More here: TimeAttackZA

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